Affiliate Marketing in Nepal

What is the affiliate marketing?

How to Start Affiliate Programme in Nepal ImageAlmost people are unknown with affiliate marketing and how to make money from Affiliate So, we are trying to understand about it. the biggest companies and start-up business want to grow fast or become the one of the best. so, they want to provide the chance online marketers as like you or who want to make money online, for example, most popular online shopping company Amazon provide the opportunity selling their products from your website, social media and online network through products link sharing. we can get different types of the campaign from different and different companies, mostly they want to action sign up, create an account and buy the products through the link and more, we can choose between them.

Affiliate Marketing is that promote the others companies products and brand link sharing on the own website or social media, and make money through with theirs business.

The simple thing, get the link from affiliate provider companies and share on your website and social media then after the action get payment, so Simple, anyone can do it.

How much can we make money from an affiliate?

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Before the starting we should know about pricing, how much we can get after per an action, it is important. If you can sell thought Amazon website then you will get almost 10% of products. If this product whereas Rs. 50,000/- then you will earn Rs. 5000/- and if you able to sell 10 products in a month then you will get 30*500= 150,000/- and you can do together another as like affiliate programme.

there is the more chance the make money online from affiliate and it’s not hard to do and not an extra investment.

How can I Start Affiliate marketing In or from Nepal?

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We can face the problem while becoming online, a lot of Nepalese are annoying with the relative problem. Really something is hard to do in our country but it’s possible we can do it, our problem is receiving the money and collect, in our Nepal’s banks don’t support and not valid, in this case, we use the best option PayPal account with Payoneer account in the USA, it’s the best option. After ready your account you will able to access all kind of affiliate and others.

One of the best option if you have the bank account in India if haven’t a PayPal account or Payoneer Account. Indian’s bank account accepts your amount and you can access through internet banking option for buy or purchase anything.

What is the requirement to start affiliate business and grow?

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The affiliate programme is the simple and profitable programme, you can earn simply share the link on your Facebook account, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and more social media, If you want to grow your affiliate revenue then you should be a website or blog which would be more profitable. If you have blog and website then you can earn more than social media.

Which companies is the best from Nepal for the affiliate?

Affiliate programs in Nepal

In the Nepal, any company doesn’t provide the affiliate programme professionally and good profitable with trust, and in our Nepal affiliate programme is not good income source so, you can do world’s famous companies and there is the more chance make money as your choice. here is the world’s famous Name which we can do from Nepal.

Amazon, eBay, Aliexpress (Alibaba), Flipkart, Snapdeal, Paytm, and more companies you can do.

Note:- If you have PayPal Verified account or Payoneer then you can do any companies from the Nepal but you always target the foreign country, not in Nepal.

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